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Solo Exhibition of Heri Dono Kala Kali Incognito


Srisasanti Syndicate is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of Heri Dono, titled “Kala Kali Incognito”.

In Kala Kali Incognito, Heri Dono intends to tell the story of humanity’s war against the coronavirus, which is nothing more but a hopeless blind battle against the Wheel of Time. Heri Dono chose a male god, Kala, who in Javanese mythology wanted to swallow up the moon and plunge the earth into darkness. With his desire to swallow the moon, Kala wants to swallow time, because the moon also has a meaning as a lunar cycle of 28 days. “We make plans with various kinds of schedules, and as if the time must comply with us. The coronavirus has come to remind us that we are not the masters of time“.

For those missing the chance to attend the opening reception, the exhibition will last until 3 January 2021, with free admission. The gallery opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12 PM to 7 PM. The health and safety of our visitors and staff are our utmost priority. There will be COVID-19 preventive measures while visiting the gallery.

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